Motherboard Installation Kit
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This kit is exactly what you need to install that motherboard you just bought.
You bought a great board!
OK - now what?
Pentium BoardAnother Board
You have to hang it somewhere.
Oldsniper's MB Kit! CLICK here for a larger pix!This is a bare bones, quality setup mounting kit for your case. We have exactly the right screws (34 total) for your case, expansion slots, floppy drive and hard drives. We also give you two cables to hook up the essential Floppy, Hard Drive and CD-ROM. We even have those special (see below!) hex standoffs for your board that speed the installation and insure a long lasting high performance install.

This kit does not give you cables that you don't need now. You get a 19 inch 2 device IDE cable (3 connectors with enough spacing to get those CDROM's and the Hard drives) and a 23 inch universal floppy cable (2 devices, 1 with each type, 4 connectors) -- just what you need to get going!
Cables similar to pix shown -->

We give you 16 fine thread short screws for mounting most of those HDD's and FDD's. You get 11 stainless coarse 6-32 screws to set those expansion card slots and to screw the case cover on securely, andSpecial NYLON Hex M/F Standoff 7 short coarse thread screws for some floppies and for the 3 special nylon hex standoffs that come with this kit -- more about these nylon hex standoffs later!

Need 2 pin jumpers (or "shorts")? You get 5 jumpers here -- to configure your board the way it should be, or to personalize your cards. How about those key slot nylon standoffs? Yep! we have 6 of them for you -- these are those special standoffs that you mount on the board and then slide/snap into the slotted keys on the case board plate. A quality, secure mount! Need some fixed standoffs? You also get 3 fixed nylon standoffs here, if you need them. I also will include 4 short nylon cable ties, to help you tidy up the routing a bit.

Floppy 34 conductors Cable for 2 drivesIDE-40 Cable with 2 Device Drops
About those standoffs...
Have you noticed that most kits sold use
those brass hex standoffs?
Did you wonder why they also include those small fiber washers with the hex standoffs?

Well, you are supposed to insulate those hex standoffs from your board ground plane. This avoids those nasty (and intermittent) ground loop currents which can detract from the noise margin of communicating circuits on the board.
Your board should only be grounded to the case via the power supply.

You won't find those brass standoffs here!
There is NO QUESTION that your board is insulated from those case ground loops because we have 3 nylon hex standoffs ! No washers needed!

It is almost impossible to guarantee that those brass standoffs are really insulated with those flimsy fiber washers anyway -- can those screw threads touch the inside of the board mounting hole? You bet they can! But with nylon standoffs, it doesn't matter if they touch -- they are not at the case potential and cannot conduct damaging ground loop currents.

I don't think you can buy these nylon standoffs at your hardware supplier - - they are a special purchase, and you get them here.
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